The Ltd company “TRILYRAKIS S.A.” is a family business which is engaged in the field of construction of buildings particularly in the area of Thessaloniki always focusing both on top quality and state-of-the-art constructing methods and on the satisfaction of its clients.


The company’s presence in the city dates back in 1968 when its previous president D. Trilyrakis participates as a subcontractor in several important constructions in the city of Thessaloniki.


In the late 1980s the establishment of the companies “D. Trilyrakis and Sons G.P.” and “Kataskevi S.A.” aims at the construction of private projects.


The present company, which was established in the late 1990s, is the result and evolution of the two earlier companies and with the participation of the family’s next generation it has increased its activities, improved the quality and redefined the aesthetics of its constructions demonstrating a modern point of view on every present project.


Today the company has managed to establish an image of top quality constructions having at the same time achieved a high rate of growth while its projects constitute a point of reference in their areas.


For the future the company aims at a steady rate of growth combined with a high standard in the aesthetics and quality of its projects.